Shelf full of alcoholic drinks

5 Overdrinking Triggers To Watch Out For In 2019

January 1st first brings with it resolutions and commitments to cut down on bad behaviors from the year prior. Sometimes it’s on the heels of a nasty New Year’s Eve hangover, or a holiday season of over-indulgence. One of the more common New Year’s resolutions is to cut down on drinking, especially overdrinking. While a few drinks here and there in moderation can be healthy and enjoyable and won’t necessarily have negative effects, overdrinking may.

So if you’re looking to eliminate overdrinking in 2019, here are five common triggers that might cause you to drink more than you had originally planned. Remember, you have the power to control these urges, and you’re more likely to do so if you know when they may be coming.

1. Genetics/Biology

Unfortunately, having a family member who abuses alcohol, or who previously abused alcohol, predisposes one to drink more. Knowing this about your own family tree opens the door for self-awareness and monitoring of alcohol use, urges to drink, and the amount and frequency of drinking that we engage in.

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