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About Lukin Center

Heal. Grow. Thrive.

The Lukin Center provides high-quality, evidence-based psychotherapy services to the Ridgewood, Hoboken, Montclair, Englewood, Westfield, and Jersey City communities (Essex County, Bergen County and Hudson County). As one of the largest psychotherapy practices in Northern New Jersey, we take the guesswork out of choosing mental health treatment by connecting you to the most comprehensive, expert care available in just one call.

Drs. Konstantin and Paula Lukin and their children

Founded in 2012

Dr. Konstantin Lukin and Dr. Paula Yanes-Lukin founded our practice in 2012, with a mission to provide evidence-based treatment  backed by scientific research  and proven to achieve results for our patients. Today, our clinical team is the heart of that commitment: a hand-picked group of compassionate professionals practicing at the top of their fields, with the highest degrees and certifications possible. When you work with us, you always have the experts on your side.

Members of the Lukin Center staff

Committed to Helping People

We’ve grown from just one office to serving six locations in less than a decade, but we’re still a family-run practice and we’re personally invested in serving our Northern New Jersey community.  Lukin Center for Psychotherapy is committed to helping people just like you restore hope, heal from trauma, and find the individualized treatment they need to achieve the life-changing results they want.

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I promise you, your loved one will be in the best hands.

I personally match every patient with the clinician who has the specific skills, background, training, and personality that will get the very best result. I want to be absolutely sure every patient is working with a professional they like and trust, and who can offer them the best help possible.

Meet Dr. Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D