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Here at the Lukin Center we offer the highest quality,  evidence based presentations by compassionate and experienced  therapists. These presentations provide the tools needed to further support your growth. Topics can be presented either experientially and/or via didactic material.  

Below is a brief list of  presentations previously provided by the Lukin Center. Please note that these are examples and we can curate or adapt a presentation to suit the needs of your staff/students/parents/townships. 

Coping and Co-Regulation for Students and Staff 
Konstantin Lukin, PhD, Gabrielle Milani, MPH, R-DMT, LCAT

 Teacher Burnout
Konstantin Lukin, PhD, Ami Patel-Kang, LCSW, Tim Mayer, LCSW

Making Moves: Dance Movement Psychotherapy
Lauren Bomberg, LPC, BC-DMT, Gabrielle Milani, MPH, R-DMT, LCAT

Strategies for Enhancing Physical and Mental Wellness
Andrea Tesher, PsyD, Stephen Neer, LPC

Coping and Co-Regulation in Children 
Kristen Estrella, LCSW, IMH E®

Relationship Enhancement Tips to Treat Anxiety and Depression in Children
Kristen Estrella, LCSW, IMH E®

Working with Binge Eating Disorder
Andrea Tesher, PsyD

Mental Health and Private Practice Work
Ami Patel-Kang, LCSW

Parenting in the Pandemic
Melissa Forero, LCSWAleksandra Goncharova, PhD, LPC, Kristen Estrella, LCSW, IMH E®

Disordered Eating 
Andrea Tesher, PsyD

Emerging Personality Disorders in Children/Adolescents 
Paula Yanes-Lukin, PhD

Primary Care/Health Psychology
Brian Amorello, PhD

Psychiatric Medication and Medication Management
Seth Mandel, MD

Blended Family Dynamics
Elissa Gross, PsyD

Suicidality Throughout the Lifespan  
Jessica Colucci, LPC, Geoffrey Hillback, LCSW

Creating Awareness and Advocating through Outreach Initiatives 
Gabrielle Milani, MPH, R-DMT, LCAT

Lukin Center and it’s highly trained team is a leading provider of evidenced-based, educational community and school mental health programming. If your school or organization is interested in having Lukin Center speak, please contact Gabrielle Milani.