Person receives teletherapy on laptop


Teletherapy: Convenient, Confidential, and Just as Effective

Teletherapy makes uncertain times a little easier.

Lukin Center for Psychotherapy patients have enjoyed Teletherapy options for years. We’ve seen a significant increase in patients interested in trying virtual counseling as a tool for effective mental health treatment.

As we all adjust and react to COVID-19, Teletherapy at the Lukin Center makes it possible for patients to start or continue counseling in a safe, convenient way.

We are currently conducting therapy sessions in-person and via Teletherapy.

Why Try Teletherapy?

Proven Results

Studies have shown (and our patients agree) that when it comes to results and patient satisfaction, teletherapy is just as effective as traditional in-person treatment in most situations. We use a video-based platform, so body language and nonverbal communication stay intact.

Our Staff Comes to You – Virtually

Unlike text-based or online services, Teletherapy at the Lukin Center means working with our vetted staff of highly trained experts, operating at the top of their credentials.

Easy Scheduling

Teletherapy can be done from any location with an internet connection or cellular service, eliminating the time and energy it takes to travel to in-person appointments. It can be a very viable option for people who travel often, for patients dealing with illness or physical limits, or when dealing with certain diagnoses.

Mix it Up

Some Lukin Center patients alternate between in-person and teletherapy appointments based on their schedules and individual needs. Teletherapy can provide the flexibility to keep therapy consistent, even when life is unpredictable.

Always Confidential

A teletherapy session is just as confidential as an in-person appointment. The Lukin Center uses a well-known HIPAA compliant platform called to connect you and your therapist over the phone or computer.