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Men’s Issues

Help for Men’s Issues at Lukin Center

Expert Therapy for Men in Northern New Jersey

In our culture, men are typically more hesitant to seek mental health help than women. Whether it’s due to lack of trust, difficulty sharing, trying to avoid burdening others, or beliefs about masculinity, oftentimes men don’t seek the help they need. Unfortunately, that can mean that men’s issues go untreated, and emotional pain can come out as aggression, substance abuse, emotional distance, or even suicide.

Men’s Issues at a Glance

  • Men are less likely to seek mental health treatment than women because of cultural stigma
  • Stress, trauma, and “bottled up” feelings are common issues for men
  • Individual therapy can help you cope with life’s pressures
  • Therapy is 100% confidential
Man in dark room looks out window in need of specialized men's therapy.

Men are less likely than women to get help for mental health issues for a variety of reasons. Specialized men’s therapy can help.

At Lukin Center, we provide specialized treatment just for men, where you can be completely open about the pressures and issues you face. Our tailored approach uses a variety of proven treatment techniques to help you learn to cope with stress, improve relationships, and feel better about yourself and your place in the world. 

What are Some Common Men’s Issues?

Men seek out compassionate, informed therapy for a variety of reasons, including: 

  • Depression and/ or anxiety
  • Suicidal thoughts or ideas
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • “Bottled up” emotional pain
  • A “quick temper”; often angry or irritable
  • Substance abuse or addiction issues
  • Feelings of shame, purposelessness, hopelessness
  • Bullying at home or work
  • Trouble with affection and intimate relationships
  • Stressful life events: fatherhood, divorce, unemployment
  • Grief or loss
  • Non-medical sexual issues

How can Lukin Center Help Me with Men’s Issues? 

Lukin Center therapists use a combination of proven methods and techniques to treat mental health issues in men. Your therapist will likely build your treatment around specific Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques based in problem-solving. CBT has been proven to be very effective in helping people recognize their own patterns and change their thinking and behaviors. 

If you or your loved one are experiencing Men’s Issues, don’t wait to get help. Lukin Center clinicians must maintain the highest possible degrees and certifications in their fields, including best practices in treating men’s issues. As one of the largest mental health therapy practices in Northern New Jersey, Lukin Center gives you access to more highly trained therapists and a broader range of specialties, so you can get exactly the help you need. We’ll help you connect with the right mental health professional to get the results you want.

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