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Help for Family Conflicts at Lukin Center

Expert Family Counseling in Northern New Jersey 

Family conflicts can drive a wedge between parents, children, spouses, and other family members. Difficult transitions, such as the death of a loved one, job loss, or a new marriage or divorce, can be hard to navigate. Additionally, tension between family members and unresolved issues can grow resentment and disrupt healthy communication patterns. 

Family therapy at Lukin Center is designed to target the core of conflict and strain in family relationships by using cutting-edge psychotherapy and evidence-based methods. With expert guidance and insight, you can make your home a more healthy, peaceful space. 

Family Therapy at a Glance

  • Includes group sessions that may involve several family members 
  • Mediates difficult conflicts and offers a safe space for family members to discuss issues
  • Targets the root cause of familial strife and provides applicable solutions 
  • Identifies negative communication patterns and replaces them with new, healthier methods 
  • Helps families of all shapes and sizes — including non-nuclear families, divorced families, blended families single parents, and same-sex parents. 

Family therapy helps families strengthen their bonds with one another, learn healthy communication, and resolve deep-seated issues. 

Every family experiences issues. It’s not realistic to expect that your family relationships will always be harmonious. However, if there is constant or severe conflict among family members, your home can turn into an unhealthy and sometimes unsafe environment for everyone inside it. 

Family therapy allows every member of the family to have their voice and bring their issues and feelings to the table. Your family therapist will be there to support productive sessions that are aimed at encouraging healing and teaching hands-on solutions, including communication and conflict-resolution skills. 

Could Family Therapy Help You and Your Family? 

Many families could benefit from family therapy. Expert therapists at the Lukin Center for Psychotherapy can help your family work through many issues such as: 

  • Transitioning after a divorce or recent marriage 
  • Struggling with grief over the death of a loved one
  • Coping with infidelity 
  • Dealing with job loss or financial issues 
  • Working through resentment and family conflict 
  • Having poor communication skills 
  • Struggling to connect 
  • Bickering, arguing, and yelling 
  • Having difficulties balancing family with work 
  • Managing behavioral problems 
  • Setting healthy familial boundaries 
  • Learning healthy conflict-resolution skills 
  • Coping with a family member’s mental illness 
  • Managing poor extended family relationships 

Family Therapy at Lukin Center 

You don’t have to have major family problems to seek out family therapy. If your family is feeling disconnected or can’t seem to get along, a therapist can help you identify what behavioral, habits, and communication styles are getting in the way of your relationships.  

Family therapy is for every type of family. From divorced parents learning how to co-parent to single parents and mixed families, our expert therapists a Lukin Center are experienced and willing to help families from every background. Our clinicians all have the highest certifications in their field and are dedicated to pursuing opportunities to continue their education and provide the best care possible to our clients. With therapists who specialize in a wide range of evidence-based psychotherapy and specialties, your family is in great hands. 

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