Lukin Center clinician training in session

Why Patients Consistently Choose Lukin

The Lukin Difference

In order to bring the highest quality, evidence-based services to our clients, we truly live by the power of life-long learning. Therefore, we have started many initiatives that put continuing education and training at the forefront of being part of the Lukin community. All our clinicians have weekly opportunities to consult with other highly trained LC providers in specialized peer consultation groups. Lukin Center also supports all our clinicians in pursuing training and specialized certifications outside of the practice and every Tuesday morning, all Lukin Center staff has access to internal or external training opportunities.

Recent Topics We’ve Learned About

External Trainings

  • Dr. Aaron Malark. Ph.D.  – working with the LGBTQ population
  • Dr. Eleanor McGlinchey, Ph.D.  from Fairleigh Dickinson University – CBT-I for sleep
  • Dr. Michael Sweeney. Ph.D. from the Metropolitan Center for CBT – CBT
  • Dr. Katherine Durham, Ph.D.  from the NY State Psychiatric Institute  – school based interventions
  • Dr. Martin Franklin, Ph.D.  from Rogers Behavioral Health  – OCD treatment
  • Adam Lesser, LCSW  from Columbia University – Suicide Risk Assessment
  • Dr. Robert Hindman, Ph.D.  from the Beck Institute – CBT for Depression and Suicide Prevention Certificate (12 week series)
  • Dr. Robert McGrath, Ph.D. – Character Strength, building upon what works 
  • Dr. Gary Brucato, Ph.D. – Assessment of Psychosis 

Internal Presentations

  • Erik Dranoff, Ph.D. –  Custody Evaluations; Risk Management; Duty to Warn
  •  Brian Amorello, Ph.D.  – Health Psychology
  •  Andrea Tesher, Psy.D.  – Disordered Eating
  •  Seth Mandel, M.D.  – Psychopharmacology updates
  •  Paula Yanes-Lukin, Ph.D.  – Personality Disorders in children; OCD
  •  Kristen Estrella, LCSW, IMH E®  – PCIT
  • Aleksandra Goncharova, Ph.D.  – Integrative Mental Health
  •  Elissa R. Gross, Psy.D.  – Blended Family Dynamics
  •  Kathryn Malone, LCSW  – Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors
  •  Gabrielle Milani, MPH, R-DMT, LCAT  & Lauren Bomberg,  LPC, BC-DMT  – Dance Movement Therapy

Upcoming Training Opportunities

Our next great training is starting in the Fall – 18 weeks of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), recognized as one of the most effective treatments for couples distress and marital problems. These trainings will be led by Dr. Irina Wen, Ph.D. – certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor. Our Lukin Center team is excited to have Dr. Wen present and learn from her decade long experience with EFT.