Neuropsych Evaluations

Expert Neuropsychological Evaluation in New Jersey

Professional Evaluations at Lukin Center

Our patients have access to the most thorough, accurate, and personalized diagnostic tools available, administered by expert clinicians at the top of their field.

A neuropsychological evaluation is a clinical assessment that helps determine if there are brain-based reasons behind the challenges you or your child struggle with at school, at work, or in relationships.

A neuropsychological evaluation is very different from an intake appointment with a therapist. These in-depth, clinical analyses are used the same way an MRI or blood test might be used to help a doctor understand a physical problem. They consist of several different tests designed to create an accurate picture of cognitive and behavioral functioning.

Occasionally, a therapist will request a neuropsychological evaluation to better understand a client’s diagnosis, but most Lukin Center patients won’t need this level of testing. Evaluations are not required for a patient to start therapy.

A Neuropsychological Evaluation at Lukin Center can help you:

  • Qualify for specific services from your school system or employer
  • Establish a baseline to measure future treatment results
  • Establish current and future expectations for academics or employment
  • Get a detailed diagnosis for a specific condition
  • Get a clear understanding of brain-based issues, including areas of strength and impairment, learning style, personality, attention, memory, self-awareness, emotional expression and regulation.

What to Expect from a Neuropsychological Evaluation

Your neuropsychological evaluation begins with an in-depth clinical interview with Dr. Erik Dranoff, our assessment expert.

Dr. Dranoff will talk to you or your loved one one-on-one about your current challenges and life experience, then conduct a personalized series of tests designed to provide more information about the way you think and process feelings. Some tests are traditional paper-and-pencil exercises; some are completed on a computer; and some are interactive between you and the clinician.

Once the tests have been completed and evaluated, Dr. Dranoff will contact you to schedule a thorough explanation of your results, including an opportunity to ask questions and make sure you fully understand the process, findings, and recommendations.

Big-Picture Care

Lukin Center is one of the only practices in Northern New Jersey to offer Psychiatric services, Evaluations, and a broad range of Psychotherapy options in one place. Like all our clinicians, our evaluations team is dedicated to ongoing training and education to make sure you get the best treatment experience possible. Get coordinated care from a professional team dedicated to your well-being.