Sports Performance Program

Ready to elevate your game

Ready to elevate your game?

Whether you're an athlete, coach, or simply lead an active lifestyle, Lukin Center’s Sports Performance Program can help you take your game to the next level.

Our specialized program blends Cognitive Behavior Therapy, counseling, clinical intervention, and training to give you the mental tools you need to work harder, play smarter, and reach your goals on and off the field.

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Mind and body go hand in hand.

Your mental health is the engine that powers your physical performance. A strong and resilient mind helps you stay focused, train stronger, and make better decisions in crucial moments.

Mind and body go hand in hand
Lukin Center’s Sports Performance Program helps you:
  • Improve Self-Awareness

    Break free from self-doubt, damaging self-talk, and other mental barriers that impact your performance.
  • Reduce Burnout

    Gain a healthy sense of your overall athletic identity to stay inspired and keep going… and going.
  • Sharpen Focus

    Develop science-backed mindfulness skills to navigate the highs and lows of your sport, so you can maintain focus and make faster decisions.
  • Plan for Success

    Create your personalized performance plan, addressing your unique challenges and goals.

Dr. Lukin is a fantastic clinician and educator. He has made therapy accessible to Hudson County and beyond. I very often refer to him and his team.

Cassandra L.

Montclair, NJ

With the help of Dr. Lukin I have developed many methods to manage my anxiety. Couldn’t be more grateful for his work and compassion.

Alex P.

Hoboken, New Jersey

The Lukin Center really works with my needs. My doctor is a very compassionate practitioner. He is very attentive to my struggles and has great strategies for dealing with my difficult moments.

Gennady G.

Hoboken, New Jersey

It has been truly helpful working with Dr. Lukin. I’m so grateful to have found him and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking counseling. I have made so much progress thanks to his guidance.

Lally K.

Englewood, New Jersey

Great team of therapists with availability for both in-person and on virtual visits. The level of empathy and care is excellent. I highly recommend the Center to patients of all ages. Tim, Maya and Jessyka are wonderful and true lifesavers

Peter V.

Ridgewood, New Jersey

Ami Patel has been my therapist since June 2019, and I’ve been consistent with my appointments. Her authenticity and understanding has inspired me to improve. She’s extremely dedicated to my wellbeing and I couldn’t ask for a better therapist!

Rachel G.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Is Lukin Center's Sports Performance Program Right for You?

For Athletes

If you want to boost your performance on and off the field (or court, mat, water, etc), we can help you develop the tools to overcome mental hurdles and achieve peak performance.

For Coaches

Elevate your team's performance and improve cohesion with customized team programs for mental strength training.

For Student Athletes

Equip yourself with tools to navigate the pressures of competitive sports, academics and social commitments.

For Active Lifestyles

Integrate mental wellness into your training routine to improve balance in athletics, work, and relationships.

Meet Our Passionate Experts

Stephen Neer, LPC Director of Sports Performance Program

A seasoned athlete and Licensed Professional Counselor, Stephen guides you through mental hurdles with a unique perspective shaped by his own journey from injuries to CrossFit success.

Learn more about Stephen

Jessica Colucci, LPC Co - Director of Sports Performance Program

As Assistant Director of Community Training & Development, Jessica, a former Division I swimmer and marathon runner, understands the mental challenges of athletic pursuits and the importance of mental health in sports.

Learn more about Jessica

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Once we receive your information, Dr. Lukin will discuss with you what you hope to achieve at the Lukin Center. If you decide you’re ready, he’ll match you with the clinician with the right expertise and approach to help you achieve the results you want.

Ready to get started? Life-changing results start here.

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