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Creative Arts Therapy Program


Discover wellness Through Movement and Art

Lukin Center’s Creative Arts Therapy Program incorporates person-centered and strengths-based specialties called Dance/Movement Therapy and Art Therapy to help you address socioemotional challenges and foster personal growth.

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Dance/Movement Therapy

Dance/movement therapy engages the body in mental health counseling. We take a holistic look at body language, nonverbal communication, and sensory-motor development as it pertains to emotional wellness. Enjoy freedom beyond the couch to breathe, play and express your individuality!

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Art Therapy

Art Therapy involves active-art making within the psychotherapeutic relationship. We support individuals beyond words to represent and process their emotions. Let’s bring your story to life in color! 

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Connecting Mind and Body

Emotions don’t just exist in our minds; they are also held and expressed in our bodies. Our program blends the art of movement with cognitive science to create an individualized therapeutic experience for both your physical and mental health needs.

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Lukin Center’s Creative Arts Therapy Program helps you:
  • Develop Self-Awareness

  • Explore Mind-Body Connection

  • Enrich Emotional Expression

  • Learn Coping Skills

  • Have Fun in Therapy

Dr. Lukin is a fantastic clinician and educator. He has made therapy accessible to Hudson County and beyond. I very often refer to him and his team.

Cassandra L.

Montclair, NJ

The Lukin Center really works with my needs. My doctor is a very compassionate practitioner. He is very attentive to my struggles and has great strategies for dealing with my difficult moments.

Gennady G.

Hoboken, New Jersey

It has been truly helpful working with Dr. Lukin. I’m so grateful to have found him and I would absolutely recommend him to anyone seeking counseling. I have made so much progress thanks to his guidance.

Lally K.

Englewood, New Jersey

Great team of therapists with availability for both in-person and on virtual visits. The level of empathy and care is excellent. I highly recommend the Center to patients of all ages. Tim, Maya and Jessyka are wonderful and true lifesavers

Peter V.

Ridgewood, New Jersey

With the help of Dr. Lukin I have developed many methods to manage my anxiety. Couldn’t be more grateful for his work and compassion.

Alex P.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Ami Patel has been my therapist since June 2019, and I’ve been consistent with my appointments. Her authenticity and understanding has inspired me to improve. She’s extremely dedicated to my wellbeing and I couldn’t ask for a better therapist!

Rachel G.

Hoboken, New Jersey

Is Lukin Center’s Creative Arts Therapy Program Right for You?

If you’re seeking emotional self-discovery.

If you’re curious about the mind-body connection.

If you love being creative.

If the words are hard to find.

Meet Our Passionate Experts.

Gabrielle Milani, MPH, LCAT, R-DMTExecutive Director & Creative Arts Therapy Director

As the Founder and Director of our Creative Arts Program, Gabrielle brings a depth of educational expertise and hands-on experience to her leadership role. She is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist and registered dance/movement therapist, dedicated to providing client-centered therapy for individuals, couples, and young adults. Her background in psychology, dance, and child services informs her holistic approach to client care, emphasizing individual needs and promoting overall well-being. Whether guiding clients through therapeutic sessions or leading within Lukin Center, Gabrielle is committed to supporting people of all ages on the journey towards authenticity and self-discovery.

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Lauren Bomberg, LPC, BC-DMTCreative Arts Therapy Assistant Director

Lauren Bomberg is a compassionate advocate for holistic healing through movement psychotherapy. With a strong foundation in neuroscience and dance science, Lauren brings a unique perspective to her practice. Specializing in working with young children facing neurodevelopmental, social-emotional, and behavioral challenges, Lauren offers nurturing support to both her young clients and their parents. Additionally, she guides adults through life transitions, relational dynamics, and the pressures of academia or the workplace. Lauren's passion lies in addressing anxiety and related disorders, utilizing creative and playful interventions tailored to each individual's needs. She fosters a warm and welcoming space where patients of all ages can explore and express themselves freely, facilitating their journey towards healing and growth.

Learn more about Lauren

Courtney Medina LPC & Registered Art Therapist

Courtney is a creative arts therapist with a passion for showing others the restorative effects creative arts therapy has on overall well-being. Whether it be through bearing witness to a child playing through their inner challenges one character at a time or facilitating an adult in a visual art activity to revisit and process their unmet needs, creative arts therapy has a way of tapping into what one’s soul needs. Courtney strives to create a safe, supportive, non-judgmental, but above all else gratifying environment where individuals can explore and express!

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