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Psychiatric Services
& Medication Management

Psychiatric Services at Lukin Center

Get coordinated care from a professional team dedicated to your well-being. 

Medications can be a vital part of your mental and emotional health care, helping to ease or eliminate symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other conditions so you can live the life you want. Medications can also make psychotherapy more effective by helping to control symptoms so that you can focus on changing your behaviors, beliefs, and patterns.

Medication Management helps you get the results you want from your prescriptions.

Each medication will affect each person differently. This happens because of body chemistry, medical history, other medications, certain diagnoses, or lifestyle factors.  

Psychiatry at Lukin Center can help you: 

  • Decide if medication therapy is right for you 
  • Understand medication side effects and risks 
  • Monitor, evaluate, and adjust medications 
  • Boost the effectiveness of psychotherapy 
  • Treat a wide range of mental health issues 

Medication management and professional psychiatry can be the key to getting – and keeping- symptoms under control. 

Mental health medication

Ongoing Psychiatric Services and Medication Management with Lukin Center’s psychiatric experts give you the peace of mind that you’re taking the right medication, at the right dosage, for the best results.

Our Psychiatric Team 

Our psychiatrist works with our team of psychotherapists and clinicians to create a personalized treatment plan designed to help you reach your personal growth goals. 

What You Can Expect from Medication Management at Lukin Center 

Thorough Evaluation

Before starting any medication regimen, you’ll meet one on one with Dr. Mandel to discuss your symptoms, medical history, lifestyle, current prescriptions, and goals. He might check for vitamin or hormone deficiencies, or take a look at genetic factors that might be affecting your mental health. Together, you’ll look at the big picture and decide if medication management is right for you. 

Ongoing Monitoring

Once you begin taking medication(s), you’ll have regular check-ins with Lukin Center’s psychiatric experts. Each Medication Management session takes about 30 minutes. During that time, you’ll discuss your current symptoms, side effects, and goals for the session. Lukin Center’s psychiatric experts will check in on our progress and make adjustments to your prescriptions if needed.

Education & Guidance

Have questions or concerns about the effectiveness or side effects of the medication you’re prescribed? Our psychiatric team will guide you every step of the way, from knowing your treatment options to providing detailed instructions on how to take any medications you’re prescribed. We’re always ready and willing to answer any questions you might have about your medication plan. 

Lifestyle Interventions

Psychiatric care is often best accompanied by psychotherapy and lifestyle modifications that will improve your mental health and overall wellness. Our medication management services consider your whole health and will incorporate nutrition, lifestyle changes, and wellness interventions in your treatment. We care about your whole well-being and work with you to get the best results possible. 

Coordinated Care

Lukin Center has the most skilled psychiatric professionals and psychotherapy experts under the same roof. If you’re looking for a provider who can take care of every facet of your mental health care plan, we’ve got you covered. Your therapist and psychiatrist will coordinate their treatment efforts so you get the most effective, cohesive care possible. 

Is Medication Management Right for You? 

At Lukin Center, we know Medication Management to be an effective, proven treatment for many people. Medication management with Lukin Center’s psychiatric experts will help you:

  • Decide on a medication plan
  • Monitor effectiveness
  • Understand your medications’ purpose
  • Understand safety and risks with each medication
  • Make sure you’re taking the most effective dose
  • Integrate medication with psychotherapy

You’re in Great Hands Here

Lukin Center is one of the only practices in Northern New Jersey offering medication management, psychotherapy, and evaluations in one place. 

That means no more relaying your symptoms and issues between separate therapist and psychiatrist offices. Medication Management at Lukin Center is always provided by a highly trained psychiatrist who is invested in your success and working as part of a team to help you reach your goals.

Like all of our clinicians, our psychiatry and medication management professionals are dedicated to ongoing training and education to make sure you get the best treatment experience possible.