Father spends time with young children.

Psychology Today: Underappreciated? Men’s Tips for the Family Dynamic

I speak to a lot of men who, despite feeling that they place significant focus on their family life, feel underappreciated by their partners. The dynamics of any family can be unique and complicated, regardless of work schedule or life circumstances. But there are certain proactive approaches shown to help people re-engage with family and reaffirm the feeling of having a spot in the family dynamic.

See things from your partner’s perspective.

Perhaps your family fits a more traditional model where you work longer hours and your spouse spends more time at home with the kids.

Your spouse may feel the brunt of household responsibilities and feel that you, despite your long hours, come home and feel your day is done in terms of “work.

Conversely, you may come home and do your best to spend time with your family, from picking up the kids’ toys to reading the bedtime story, and may love this part of your day, even if it takes an extra push of energy.

Getting a read on where each member of a relationship is on a day to day basis can help you work with each other to get the best out of your time at home.

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