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Psychology Today: 5 Questions for Men in a Modern Relationship

Dr. Lukin is now a contributing Author for Psychology Today!

Introducing his second article for the Man Cave:

5 Questions for Men in a Modern Relationship

Interpersonal relationships touch at the core of who we are, and this need to have our relationship “just right” can consume us.

So what defines the “perfect” relationship? Is it even achievable?

The definition and focus of a “good” relationship has significantly changed in the past half-century or so, and this has created some confusion as we adjust to a new definition of what a great relationship looks like in the 21st century.

Thus, I invite you to explore the following five domains that have evolved over the years, and how today’s relationships have a potential for a happier ending—if you ask the right questions.

1) Do you consider your significant other as a partner?

Today’s Man is adjusting to a new era, where his dad’s advice about relationships is no longer valid, if not downright damaging. Statements like, “I’ve never changed a diaper, and I’m proud of it,” is not an uncommon comment I heard growing up from my own dad.

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