Woman spends time in front of therapy light to improve mental health

Psychology Today: 5 Creative Ways to Put your Mental Health above Your Job

Do your career goals not resonate with your personal desires? Do you feel ineffective, or detached from your purpose in your job? Do you feel manipulated or disrespected by co-workers?

Not every day is easy. But allowing too many bad days at work to pass where you don’t feel motivated or your work doesn’t feel purposeful can lead to burnout. Burnout isn’t just being tired of your job; it’s chronic stress that can lead to both physical and emotional exhaustion.

Burnout can happen to anyone, and it can have a serious negative impact on both your physical and mental health. But there are several steps you can take to fight it. Here are five ways help reduce burnout at work.

1. Recognize that your thoughts and feelings are not facts.

Understanding which things happening inside of your body are thoughts vs. emotions, and identifying them as such rather than as facts, is a great first step to understanding yourself and being analytical about your behavior.

For example, say you have a big presentation coming up. If you say, “I have this presentation coming up and I want to do well but I feel anxious,” you’re more likely to let those feelings control your behavior. Instead, say “I have this presentation coming up and I’m also experiencing some anxiety.”

Reminding yourself that they are feelings or thoughts rather than facts may help you tolerate such phenomena. Keep track of when you feel the most upset, anxious, or frustrated at work. Monitor yourself, and do what you can to make effective changes.

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