Man stares at computer worrying

Why Cant I Stop Worrying?

“Pure O”

Some people just think… and think… and think things over (and over) again. That’s what we would call an “intrusive thought,” an unwanted thought that comes out of nowhere that creates anxiety or guilt. If that thought continuously sticks around over time, without any reassurances (whether internal or external) or any compulsions, we’d call that “Pure O.”

Pure O is a type of OCD, and it’s one that most people don’t potentially see because it doesn’t have the behavioral compulsion component tied to it.

With Pure O, a person won’t stop thinking the thought until they’re literally exhausted from all the worrying. They’ll either fall asleep, or they’ll distract themselves by doing other activities. But often times, if they have some idle time, the ruminations return.

The intrusive thoughts could be about anything — germs or diseases — And they can change or morph over time. For example, common childhood/adolescent intrusive thoughts might be about separation or thoughts about death and infinity. As you age, the thoughts could morph into ruminations about STDs and other specific diseases.

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