Woman stares out the window struggling with adjusting to post-pandemic life

Tips for Post-Pandemic Life

It’s unclear just what the post-pandemic world will look like. But most likely, what many have hoped would be a return to normal will more likely be a transition to a new normal.  As a result, many of us are experiencing anxiety and mixed feelings about “resuming” pre-pandemic life.

Here we’ll look at the many ways in which the pandemic has affected all of us, followed by a list of some ongoing problem areas many of us are likely to experience even as life becomes “closer to normal.”  Finally, we’ll examine a few tips for coping with adjustment to post-pandemic life.

Negative Impacts of the Pandemic

Most of us had no warning or time to prepare for the pandemic, in particular the initial “lock down.” As a result, we went into survival mode and most of us did not have any time to process what was going on.  Rather many of us felt frantic, confused and were running on adrenaline, leading to a state of chronic stress that spanned over a year.

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