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Psychology Today: It’s Complicated

Dr. Lukin is now a contributing Author for Psychology Today!

Introducing his first article for the Man Cave:

It’s Complicated:

Five ways to break-up with your ugly habit.

You are in a perfect relationship. It’s everything you have been looking for – she is beautiful, engaging, your friends love her (in fact, they always encourage you to bring her along and always want her to stay around for as long as possible). She has been with you through the most difficult of times, and through the most wonderful, exciting of times. She doesn’t care whether you are dressed to the nines or just relaxing in your PJs, or if you buy her expensive gifts. She always encourages you to hang out with your friends, and she never nags. When you fight, you always feel guilty and focus on what you can do better next time, because you can’t even imagine blaming her for anything. She is the perfect partner in your eyes.

But what if, this partner, this relationship which you are currently engaged in, is actually not serving you at all? What if this relationship is causing you more harm than anything else?”

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