Wedding rings laying on table representing the end of a marriage.

Psychology Today: 5 Signs Your Marriage Might Be Over

Ending a marriage is a decision that’s extremely personal and involves independent and difficult introspection. Ideally, a couple might try couples therapy before making any definitive decision to split. It’s virtually impossible to give definitive and globally-applicable advice that’s relevant to all marriages. It’s similarly difficult to provide a list of warning signs for couples as evidence that a marriage is over. But sometimes, if a relationship becomes too much effort, it’s best to part ways. Here are five warning signs that your marriage needs significant attention.

1. Emotional needs are not being met

You come to realize that your emotional needs to be nurtured, supported, acknowledged, prioritized, and to feel like you belong are consistently not being met. That’s not to say that the first time you feel invalidated or ignored you might be ready for a divorce. This is only a warning sign after this issue has been discussed, attempted to be remedied, and remains a concern.

Potential trap:
Don’t assume your partner knows you feel this way. This has to be explicitly talked about.

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