Amy Origliri, PH.D.

Licensed Psychologist

Dr. Amy Origlieri is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist specializing in Borderline and other personality disorders, relationship issues, and mood and anxiety disorders. Her passion is working with people who feel deeply and have unique perspectives on the world, and helping them to embrace their individual strengths to achieve greater harmony in their lives. She does individual therapy with adolescents and adults, as well as parenting work for ages 5-18.

Dr. Origlieri primarily uses Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as her foundational base, because of its profound ability to honor the truth and meaning of painful experiences that may be misunderstood by oneself and others, while at the same time teaching specific skills that can be applied the second a client walks out the door. She draws from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, attachment theory, and relational psychoanalysis to refine the clinical approach for each client. She also uses Parent Management Training (PMT) to help parents redirect disruptive child behaviors into more positive patterns. She has specialized training with trauma, both acute and chronic, and incorporates trauma-informed principles into all of her case formulations and interventions.

Prior to starting at the Lukin Center, Dr. Origlieri gained extensive experience with DBT, having completed Foundational Training with Behavioral Tech, and spending over 8 years working in comprehensive DBT programs serving children, adolescents, adults, and NYC first responders. She worked in mood disorder research for 5 years at Columbia before gaining clinical experience in a broad variety of settings, including inpatient, college counseling, community mental health, and group private practice.

Dr. Origlieri earned her PhD from The New School, and her BA in Psychology from New York University.

In her free time, you may find Dr. Origlieri gardening, practicing yoga, or getting scolded by her high-energy sled dog. Relatedly, her favorite DBT Distress Tolerance skill is looking up “husky tantrum” videos on Youtube.