Hackensack, NJ

Mental health is crucial to our well-being. It affects our emotions, thoughts, and actions. Prioritizing mental health unlocks better relationships, productivity, and happiness. We can improve our life by seeking help, like therapy, medication, or other ways. These can empower us, help us overcome challenges, and develop coping strategies.

A Comprehensive Range of
Mental Health Services near Hackensack, NJ

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy in Hackensack, NJ

Psychotherapy based on evidence refers to psychological treatments supported by research data. These treatments use science and are known to help with anxiety, depression, and trauma.

Psychiatric Services & Medication Management in Hackensack, NJ

Psychiatric services are provided by trained psychiatrists who assess, diagnose, and treat mental health conditions. You can get psychiatric help at Hackensack, NJ. They provide medication management to make sure you use medicines safely and correctly.

Neuropsych Evaluations in Hackensack, NJ

Neuropsych evaluations test thinking skills. They help diagnose and treat brain and mental disorders. Hackensack, NJ, offers access to professionals who specialize in neuropsych evaluations.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in Hackensack, NJ

CBT is a therapy that helps change negative thoughts and actions. It’s used a lot to treat people overcome mental health issues.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in Hackensack, NJ

DBT is a therapy that helps you manage emotions, connect with others better, and be mindful.

Emotionally Focused Therapy in Hackensack, NJ

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) helps people handle their emotions better. This approach is used for individuals and couples to understand and manage their emotions in a more effective way. Many mental health professionals in Hackensack, NJ offer EFT.

EMDR Treatment in Hackensack, NJ

EMDR is a technique used to treat trauma and other difficult experiences. It’s a specialized therapy. You can find therapists trained in EMDR in Hackensack, NJ to help you cope with and move past difficult memories.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy in Hackensack, NJ

PCIT is a proven way to help young kids with behavior and emotions. Mental health experts in Hackensack, NJ excel in offering PCIT. This program helps to reinforce the bond between parents and their children.

Acceptance & Commitment Therapy in Hackensack, NJ

ACT is a type of therapy that uses mindfulness. It teaches you to accept difficult emotions and keep focusing on important goals.

About Hackensack, NJ

Hackensack, located in NJ, is a lively and diverse city famous for its history, culture, and parks. Hackensack has a mix of city and suburban living and is only a short distance from NYC. The city is dedicated to providing good mental health care. Many experts and facilities are there to help.

Lukin Center for Psychotherapy's Compassionate & Supportive
Mental Health Care Specialists Are Here to Help Brighten Your Future

By choosing Lukin Center for Psychotherapy, you get a team of mental health care specialists who are kind and want to help you have a better future. The Lukin Center offers treatments based on evidence and tailored to each client.

The team of therapists and psychiatrists at the Lukin Center work together to make a personal treatment plan for each individual. Lukin Center is dedicated to creating a welcoming environment for clients. We make sure you feel comfortable and supported while on your journey to better mental health.

If you want to start a journey toward improved well-being, contact us to schedule an appointment with our mental health care specialists in Hackensack, NJ today.