Romantic couple holds hands outdoors

5 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Romantic Relationship

Intimate relationships are often one of the happiest portions of our lives. They keep us going on tough days, and ground us to what matters most.

Whether you’ve been together for twenty years or five months, every relationship can benefit from intentional action to improve. These actions don’t necessarily need to be extravagant. They can be accomplished in a few minutes each day.

Here are five ways to immediately improve your relationship, for both of your benefit:

Actively listen to your partner.

Actively listening is different than having one eye on the TV, and the other on your wife telling you about her day. Taking the time to communicate in a meaningful way can make each partner feel more validated and important. Focus on the meaning of what your partner is saying. Mirror and reflect what they’ve told you. Ask questions to understand exactly what they’re getting at.

Having your partner really listen to you, especially on a day when it feels like no one else is obligated to, can make you feel connected to each other in a very intimate way. And that is really the foundation of any meaningful relationship.

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