Group of moms supporting each other

Moms with Anxiety Group

Moms with Anxiety Group Therapy

Dr. Andrea Tesher explains our Mom’s with Anxiety Group in Ridgewood, NJ.

The group I’m going to be running here at our Ridgewood, NJ office is a “Moms with Anxiety” group.

We’re looking for young mothers, older mothers, and women just trying to balance being a mother, working, focusing on relationships with spouses, self care, and other elements of life at the same time.

The group will focus on learning skills and coping mechanisms to deal with anxiety. It will be somewhat structured and somewhat unstructured. Participants are encouraged to bring up things going on in their lives that they would like to discuss with the group.

One can expect a small, intimate, comfortable and confidential atmosphere, where you can feel safe sharing and providing others with feedback.

Some people just do better in groups. It opens up opportunity for more people to come in. It allows participants to listen to others; to relate to others more than just speaking to a therapist who’s more of a sponge.

A lot of times people feel alone in their struggles, so it’s helpful to hear that others are going through similar things. Others have the same thoughts, same feelings, same anxieties and same worries.

Sometimes people are afraid of going to a therapist or into a group. They feel that there’s a stigma about it. But this group is comfortable and open to all because I think everybody struggles with some anxieties and worries now and then. It’s a judgment-free zone.