Neuropsychological Evaluations

Neuropsychological evaluations come in many sizes, shapes, and forms, and the evaluations conducted at the Lukin Center are determined based on the patient's specific needs. Understanding the neuropsychological sources of an individual's cognitive and emotional functioning helps identify brain-based issues in attention, memory, personality, self-awareness (conscious experience), cognition, and emotional expression and regulation. Thus, neuropsychological evaluations can include cognitive, personality, achievement, and neuropsychological tests. Additionally, neuropsychological evaluations provide information regarding how an individual learns information, and can thus define current and future expectations for the individual's academic achievement and employment potential. Neuropsychological evaluations will give a comprehensive understanding of an individual's functioning, including areas of strength and impairment, which in turn allows the clinician to customize recommendations for therapy, treatments, and other types of assistance, such as an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for a child with a learning or emotional disability.

A neuropsychological evaluation will typically begin with a clinical interview, in which the clinician will clarify the purpose of the assessment and gather historical information from the patient about his or her life experience. Then the clinician will determine which tests will provide information relevant to the purpose of the assessment and then administer these tests. Some tests are self-report in paper-and-pencil form, some tests are completed on a computer, and some tests are interactive between the patient and the clinician. Once the assessment is complete, the clinician will provide feedback to the patient based on the assessment findings and provide an opportunity for the patient to ask questions so that he or she fully understands the process and the results of the assessment.

We strive to provide patients with an atmosphere where they can achieve set mental health and personal development milestones, utilizing the latest evidenced-based treatments and therapies.

- Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D. -