Couples Counseling

Relationships are dynamic processes that evolve over time between two people who are simultaneously growing individually. As such, relationships can be complicated and difficult. Here at the Lukin Center, we aim to support each individual while nurturing the health and growth of their relationship.

Working with a clinician and your partner simultaneously will provide a safe space to explore the dance of negative interactions that couples find themselves stuck in. As relationships develop, patterns of behavior become set, and couples often find it difficult to break free from them. The goal of couples counseling is to create new interaction patterns in which each partner feels accepted and supported, and in which the couple is able to work together to solve problems and face challenges as they arise.

Our psychologists will help each individual become aware of their own emotional reactions to negative interactions and understand the source of those emotions. Couples counseling will facilitate each individual’s acceptance of their own emotions, as well as those of their partner. Ultimately, couples counseling will help each partner regulate maladaptive emotions and transform them into adaptive ones.

At the Lukin Center, our psychologists utilize Emotionally Focused Therapy techniques to improve relationships by

  • Identifying the central issues of conflict and the negative interaction cycles in each relationship;
  • Identifying and promoting the expression of each partner’s emotional experience and attachment needs;
  • Fostering acceptance of each partner’s experience in the relationship;
  • Creating new adaptive cycles of behavior.

Free consultations, sliding scale payment options, and flexible schedules allow us to meet the needs of all couples with unique obstacles and challenges.

We strive to provide patients with an atmosphere where they can achieve set mental health and personal development milestones, utilizing the latest evidenced-based treatments and therapies.

- Konstantin Lukin, Ph.D. -